I received an email yesterday from Jamie Macaskill, Assistant Editor at Mail News & Media Ltd – they are responsible for the article, “Woodcock Street as Once Notorious ‘Little Beirut’ Transformed”, which I prepared a “Looks Like Beirut” Certificate for. I think its safe to say that opinions may have been changed:

Dear Jad,

Many thanks for your letter regarding our recent coverage of a new housing development which attracted your attention. I’m delighted our readership now extends to the Middle East.

I would also thank you for your good humoured “award” which I have passed to the newsdesk. The point you make is a valid one and is duly noted. Perhaps one day we can organise a cultural exchange between our two fine cities, both of which are badly maligned by the ignorance of others. (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4136342.stm)

Keep it up.

Kind regards

Jamie Macaskill
Assistant Editor

The link in the email above is to an article which describes Hull as the “worst place to live in the UK”. Personally, I believe you can find the “worst place to live” in any city in the world if you look hard enough. Its great to see that our plight to rid the world of “looks like Beirut” comments is shared with others who also face the same type of ignorance.