I’ve decided to post this based on nona’s response to the photo and caption that appeared in my previous post. However, I still stand by the fact that May 7, 2008 was technically a protest for wage increases. That is what it was built up to be. Now whether this was a cover or segments of the opposition hijacked the event; that is not for me to say. In my opinion, that day is the first large-scale skirmish leading up to Lebanon’s Second Civil War.

Why am I so pessimistic? It’s simple. We are now reaching a point in time where we have our first generation of children born after 1990 reaching adult life. This generation has not seen the horrors of civil war and our system of collective amnesia towards the subject only compounds the problem. Let’s not forget that the first shot was not fired on April 13, 1975 but 17 years earlier.

I see May 7, 2008 in the same light.

This post is actually off-topic from my blog’s purpose, however I felt I needed to clear the air on this issue.
Now back to your regular scheduled programming.