The National has an entertaining article on Lebanon’s prime minister-designate, Najib Miqati’s credentials, primarily his education:

In a section of [Miqati’s official] website entitled “From ‘average student’ to Harvard”, Mr Miqati is quoted as saying: “My university was in Beirut and then Harvard for management studies.” His biography on the same site says he attended the American University of Beirut, the Insead business school in Paris, and Harvard.

News websites such as the BBC also describe Mr Miqati as a Harvard graduate, while the Associated Press has referred to him as a “Harvard-educated billionaire”.

Now let’s juice it up:

But, in fact, Mr Miqati is not a graduate of a standard undergraduate or master’s degree course of study at Harvard. He attended two short-term training courses at Harvard, one in 1990 and another in 2004, said Jim Aisner, a university business school spokesman.

Mr Miqati completed a nine-week course, “Owner-President Management”, in 1990. The programme has a tuition cost of $31,000, Mr Aisner said.

And now for the best part – Miqati’s spokeperson:

A spokeswoman for Mr Miqati said he attended Harvard Business School from 1989 to 1990. She said she did not know what had been required to complete the course.

“Why can’t you keep it vague?” she said.

Pretty much in line with what Miqati plans to do with the STL and Hezbollah’s weapons.

Najib Miqati

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