I have been waiting since June 25 to hear that there was at least one Lebanese who was a part of Michael Jackson’s inner group (I mean there has to be, right):

Over the weekend, Tohme, a native of Lebanon who claims to have helped Jackson rescue Neverland Valley Ranch from foreclosure last year, broke his silence about the death of his friend for the first time and spoke to The Associated Press, describing his relationship with the late singer and how he briefly entered the star’s orbit.

That Lebanese apparently is Dr. Tohme Tohme. Who is he really? Well, apparently no one is sure.

Tohme would not reveal any information about his life or career other than to confirm that he is a U.S. citizen, a "self-made man" who works in the world of finance and was raised in Los Angeles.

Sounds like an Elie Najem to me. Elie Najem, for those who do not know, is a self-proclaimed Lebanese millionaire who’s wanted by half-a-dozen countries for theft and forgery. Could Dr. Tohme (a Doctor like Samir Geagea?) have saved Neverland from being sold and been MJ’s best friend?