Every neighborhood in Lebanon has one: the local moped ‘gang’ that rides around the city, whistling at any girl they pass by. Well, apparently our counterparts in Australia have upgraded the ‘gang’ with devastating consequences:

The Australian Crime Commission estimates there are now about 3500 outlaw bikies in Australia in 39 gangs, up to 17 of which operate in Victoria.

The ACC is in no doubt that some are criminal outfits, moving now from drugs, extortion and prostitution rackets to “outwardly legitimate business enterprises”, including finance, transport and security.

But a more significant change has been to their ethnic makeup, particularly in Sydney. There, largely Anglo-trash bikie clubs have been increasingly supplanted by bikies drawn from Lebanese and Pacific Islander immigrants, and other minorities battling to integrate.

And the proof of their ethnicity?

Check the names of the Sydney bikies lately in the news. The alleged Bandidos boss arrested in Sydney yesterday on firearms charges is Mahmoud Dib.

The four charged over the airport fight are Ismail Erdem, Maher Aouli, Pomare Pirini, and Zoran Kisacanin (who say they are innocent).

Maybe its time for a motebike ban down under?