I’m sure you are all familar with Lebanese enviness, my neighbor buys a new car and therefore I must have a newer car, well let’s take that a step forward:

A Lebanese-American living in Marlboro, Tony Jouki has run the LukOil service station at Tatnuck Square for two years. He bought the business from a Lebanese friend.
He estimated that 90 percent of service stations are run by Middle Easterners. He can’t pinpoint how it started, […] Middle Easterners at some point saw a successful gas and service station being operated by a peer.
“In my country, one guy started making furniture,” Mr. Jouki said. “Then, everyone copied him and you had all these people making furniture.
“They say, ‘Hey, he’s doing well. I can do what he’s doing.’ "

Not really entrepreneurship, more like laziness. Hello, ingenuity and originality, I really do not need you. I’ll just copy my neighbor Elie, Mohammed and Ali.

Tony Jouki of Marlboro, the Lebanese-American owner of the LukOil service station in Worcesters Tatnuck Square.