Lara Croft will be speaking in Arabic in the localized version of the new Tomb Raider game series with Miss Lebanon 2007, Nadine Njeim, lending her voice to the character:

While the actress Camilla Luddington is providing the English voice-over, the game has also been localized, with the Lebanese actress and model Nadine Njeim stepping in to give an Arabic lilt to the character, a first for an action-adventure title.

Quite an interesting feat which of course had its difficulties:

“They just took out the English and translated it, but we had to adapt it to the tie frame we have and the lip synching we have,” says Njeim. “It was hard work because we tend to elongate things. A one-syllable word in English takes about 10 minutes in Arabic!”

Having dealt with dubbing English videos to Arabic, I can vouch for the difficulty Nadine and her team experienced.

You can hear the Arabic-speaking Lara Croft in this trailer though, its more of Lara Croft thinking in Arabic rather than speaking. | Trailer |

Lara Croft

Lara Croft will speak in Arabic in the localized version of the up-and-coming game thanks to the voice of Nadine Njeim.