Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram was scheduled to perform to a 5,000 strong crowd at the opening and closing of the Muscat Film Festival but will now have to do with 600 all thanks to 70 likes on a Facebook protest page:

Objections by students against the presence of Lebanese diva Nancy Ajram has compelled organisers of the 7th Muscat International Film Festival to change the venue for the opening and closing ceremonies.

The organisers were not willing to give reasons for the change of venue from the 5,000-seat Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) Grand Hall to the 600-seat auditorium at the Al Bustan Palace Hotel but those protesting against the performance of Lebanese singer were rejoicing.


Some objecting to Ajram’s presence at the SQU tweeted in Arabic that Ajram’s dignity was too low for the stature of the university (SQU). A member on Sablat Oman, a local Arabic forum on the net, using the name The Truth posted that concerts such as this were a shame to the university.

Nancy Ajram

Nancy Ajram performing at a wedding in Cairo (January 2008) -- via Wikipedia