The company that hoped to bring us the floating cedar tree off the Lebanese coast has decided to take on “more grounded” projects:

Noor International Holding, a leading Lebanese real estate development company, has announced the launch of ‘Harissa Elite Residence’, the company’s latest real estate development project that seeks to combine state-of-the-art luxury urban living with natural beauty.


The launch of ‘Harissa Elite Residence‘ will complement the host of landmark real estate projects that Noor International Holding is currently involved with in Lebanon and abroad. Among the key Lebanon-based projects of the group are ‘The Canadian Town‘ in Aramoun, which consists of 22 buildings; ‘Sawfar Country Club,’ comprising 148 residential units; five projects in Dohat Al Hoss and four modern buildings in Khalde (Khalde Hills); Beyout Al Yasmin in Azza; La Rosa in Bekaa; and Al-Khaled project that holds two residential buildings located in Jiyeh Hills (Zarout). Aside from these current line of projects, Noor International Holding will soon be announcing new projects in Bsalim, Laqlouq and Koura; in addition to Noor Beirut project that comprises two residential 14-storey high rise towers located in Bshara Al Khoury at a close proximity from Beirut Central District.

Its good to see that they haven’t focused all their resources on the Cedar Island. Now only if this “leading Lebanese real estate development company” can complete one of their projects so that we can determine for ourselves how “leading” they are.

Zawya: Harissa Elite Residence

Zawya: Harissa Elite Residence