What is it now!  A riot? A traffic accident? Shoppers trying to get a good deal? Nope. Its poor sanitation services:

Residents who wake up to stinking rubbish outside their doors every Friday have welcomed council plans to tackle the mess.

Each week rubbish bags in the Park District in Weymouth are picked open by seagulls and litter is seen strewn across the streets after the binmen have visited.


Judith Sadler, of Hardwick Street, said it is worse in summer.

She said: “One day it looked like Beirut after a bomb had hit. It stank.

I’m just curious – would the image she is trying to portray have been any different if she simply said “One day it looked like a bomb had hit”? Honestly, why the “looks like Beirut” comment? Do you  really want a certificate? Well, here it is.

Weymouth rubbish problem: Rubbish in the gutter

Weymouth rubbish problem: Rubbish in the gutter