Probably one of the least expected places to find the “looks like Beirut” phrase used: review of the 2011 Camaro convertible:

Truly, this convertible is one stiff car. In the end, none of the suspension components from the coupe needed to be changed for the soft-top car, yet the convertible’s road-holding manners nearly mimic the coupe. Hold the revs high into the corner and there is more bite than body lean. The windshield pillars rarely quiver over roads that, in Ontario, often resemble those of Beirut.

The review comes from Derek McNaughton of PostMedia News and the guys over at SkyScrapercity are not happy about it:


Not in anyway defending our roads, but that’s just a low-blow


This is just infuriating because it’s so unnecessary.

I agree with Beiruti, actually the whole review reads like an 8th graders try at writing similes. One “Looks Like Beirut” certificate is on its way.

Traffic congestion along Highway 401 (Taken by Robert Jack)

Traffic congestion along Highway 401 (Taken by Robert Jack) - Apparently this is how Beirut roads look like.