Despite every other tourism-based article on Lebanon referring to Beirut as the “Paris of the Middle East”, Michael Martin decides to take it one step further holds Beirut on the pedestal of the East:

The downtown and waterfront Corniche areas are blossoming with boutiques from designers Versace, Elie Saab and Gucci. Restaurants are thriving as new additions La Plage at CafĂ© d’ Orient, Centrale and Zinc attract local urbanites and well-heeled visitors. Beirut has even set its sights on hosting the 2024 Summer Olympics.

Not only is Beirut compared to the French capital, but Martin decides to also take a swipe at Dubai:

Unlike the man-made sprawl of Dubai, Beirut is a working city with a textured past that’s evident in its mix of Ottoman architecture and glassy, modern high-rises.

Just as I have the “Looks Like Beirut” Award, its time Parisian and Dubaian bloggers take matters in their own hands with their very own “There’s Only One Paris and its in France” Certificate and “Screw Your Negative Comments About Dubai” Accolade.