The Lebanese chocolate manufacturer we all love to hate has some royal following:

When it comes to chocolates, Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid al Maktoum of Dubai, reportedly serves only Patchi chocolates. The Lebanese brand is said to be the royalty’s official choice.

And thanks to distributors, Patchi is now available in the world’s most populous country:

…Mumbai to Delhi to Kolkata, wishing to convey season’s greetings with a box of Patchi, can do so. With the intention of cashing in on Diwali, Christmas and New Year celebrations, Mumbai-based Brook Trading Co, the official importer of Patchi chocolates, opened an outlet at Mumbai’s Crossroads, two months back.

I had mentioned earlier of Patchi’s plan for an IPO. Analysts predict that Patchi is one of the top 5 emerging food and drinks brands that may become a global brand. Not saying you should cash in your retirement check for Patchi stocks but I would keep an eye out once they do float.

Chocoloate Hamper from Patchi India

Chocoloate Hamper from Patchi India