Lebanese animosity towards Syrians has spread to football:

The Syrian football team who participated in the Asian Cup in Lebanon complained about the "unsuitable welcome" in Lebanon, As-Safir daily reported Friday. Six Syrian football players and officials were poisoned, and became sick during their stay in a Beirut hotel, prompting [Lebanese] youth and sport minister Talal Arslan to announce that he is investigating the case. Head of the Syrian delegation Baha al-Omari had complained to Arslan, that the hotel in which the delegation was staying "did not match the criteria set by the Asian Football Federation."

And to make matters worse, the Lebanese Football Federation never called the Syrian team to check up on them! I get it, you don’t like them, but that’s no reason to treat them like crap. But the icing on the cake had to be this:

Syria defeated Lebanon players in the Asian Cup qualifier by 0-2.

Now I get, we’re sore losers.