Content Management

Content Management | Photo by Álvaro Serrano -

The Foundation of any Marketing/Communications Campaign

“Content is king” – the phrase stands high not only with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but any marketing, communications or public relations activity you can conceive. Content managers are responsible for preparing clear, concise messages that are tied in with the company’s strategy and vision. Maintaining a recognizable ‘voice’ of the company is just as essential as brand management – and should be part in parcel with your logo and image.

Average number of words typed each week

Content Management | Photo by Thomas Lefebvre -

Corporate storytelling

From websites to intranets, from announcements to blogs, from marketing brochures to personalized presentations, if it involves sharing content with stakeholders, I have handled it. By understanding the audience, anticipating their expectations and reaction, my writing guarantees that readers enjoy a journey of learning and discovery ensuring comprehension of the core communiqué.

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