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Social Media: A science rather than an art

Without a doubt, social media is huge and growing every day! What was once non-existent ten years ago has now become an absolute essential for any brand or corporation. With the number of posts growing daily, it is quite easy to lose your news in the deluge of by-the-second updates. Being able to capture or create eye-catching imagery or videos is now a standard expectation accompanied with the ever critical writing skills. Despite its playful appearance, social media is serious business and is a significant connection to customers, suppliers, and even new or potential recruits. As the next images shows, being constantly on top of social media queries means that stakeholders are always a few minutes away from getting their answers.

Amana's Facebook Messages Response Rate

Parts of a Whole

Social media goes beyond posts and involves:

  • Strategy Planning – what campaigns will you run? What are the best mediums to capture this campaign? What will connect with more users?
  • Tactics and Execution: With numerous social media tools, which works best for your campaign? All of them? What tweaks are needed to ensure the message is delivered successfully?
  • Community Management: How will you engage with stakeholders? Will your approach by more passive or you initiate conversations relevant to your company, industry or brand?
  • The Right Content: A 30-second video might work on Facebook but not on Twitter and Instagram? Visuals need to be available in many designs and specifications to meet specific social media requirements.
  • Analytics: How successful was your campaign? How are you doing in comparison to rivals? What posts attract the most attention?

These are just a few key capabilities of a great social media manager, skills that I have been able to hone on with my work for Amana Contracting as well as through my personal blogs and websites.

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