Time-Lapse Video

Meticulous Work with Incredible Results

Compressing 12 months of photos taken every 5 minutes into a seamless video is not only astonishing but difficult to accomplish. Reviewing thousands of photos to ensure clear and concise images while ensuring filters are in place to ignore timings where site activity is at a minimum. On their own, though, time-lapse videos could be quite repetitive however when used within a portion of a larger video, they can bring added value to the final product.

Average number of photos I work with per camera for a complete construction project

Bring still images to life

A significant amount of work goes into creating time-lapse videos. Early planning is key to achieving the results you want even before a single image is shot. Working with construction projects means understanding how the final building will look and setting up cameras at the right angles and height to ensure every aspect of the facility is captured. Once a camera is set, if must be set for the life of the activity – there are no retakes or second chances. Post-production work will definitely be needed to clear flickering and lighting issues but having to recover a series of shots due to shifts in camera location or settings is not something you want to work with and ruins the magic behind a flawless time-lapse video.

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