Training Videos

Rows of computers in a training lab

Complex training topics require simpler solutions

Imagine launching a new app; now imagine that you had to create an instruction document on how to use it? The development of the manual would entail moving between a word processor and cropped screenshot images of the app to use as diagrams in your explanation. It’s a significant workload, and at best you would end up with a document few customers would be interested in reading. That is why video tutorials accompany apps rather than instruction manuals. It’s no different with employee training programs. You could dump training manuals onto your colleague’s lap, or you can produce a video showing him or her what can be done while allowing the employee to watch it at a convenient time. You end up with better adoption rates and focused attention versus¬†text and images.

Number of training videos produced so far

Training for everyone

I have worked on numerous training videos including app usage, HR policy changes, IT informative presentations as well as skills training videos (safety, engineering, construction, etc.). Video training allows for faster turnaround times as developing screenshots can be incredibly tedious. I have included a sample of two recent videos I had prepared, the first for Harvard Alumni UAE Association on how to use their new content management system for their website and the second for company employees facing issues syncing calendar requests with their bring-your-own-device.

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