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Contributing to the World Wide Web Since 1998

From the first login to the web in 1997, I have been fascinated with website design and development. A year later, I gave it a try with the launch of a short-lived high school focused site. Since then I tinkered and tried numerous web technologies and content management systems which resulted in the launch of my first blog in 2009 powered by WordPress. Since then, I have been a huge supporter of the open-source CMS; it is my first call for any website I develop, and I have worked on over 20 since 2009. My web work includes wide-ranging websites from personal blogs to corporate websites and online family photo albums to eCommerce sites.

Websites I have developed and managed since 1998

Lebanon News: Under Rug Swept

My old website prior to the development of this site.

Amana Contracting & Steel Buildings

Corporate website of Amana Contracting and Steel Buildings

Layal & Tarek Aoun Photo Website

A private website to share family photos with close relatives; authentication requirements prevent public access to the site.


Corporate website for DuBox company.

Harvard Club of the UAE

Alumni website for Harvard graduates living in the United Arab Emirates

Amana Scratch Interior Design

Corporate website of Amana Scratch Interior Design

Where content is king

Having designed and built my fair share of websites, the key to any successful site is content. No web developer should start without a clear understanding of the website’s purpose and what materials he or she will have at his or her disposal. Content helps fuel the final design of the site and most importantly produces excellent SEO results. While on the topic of content, on principal, I will not work with material that has been taken or is used without the creator’s consent. Simply put, all images, videos, texts (and anything else you might want to include on a website) must either be original or licensed from the creator. That mean’s no copyrighted materials – I can help identify Creative Commons images and public domain material if purchased stock photos or original photos are not an option.

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