A reminder to all that Dubai is not Paris or New York:

A Lebanese man is facing one month in jail and deportation for wearing a cancer awareness T-shirt depicting a near-naked woman, after losing an appeal yesterday.
In a brief hearing at Dubai Court of Appeals the judge upheld RN’s sentence of 30 days in jail followed by deportation on a charge of offending public decency.

According to court records RN, 28, was stopped at a bakery in Dubai on Nov 29 by an Arab man who confronted him over his T-shirt, which showed a nearly nude Victoria Beckham partially covered by the slogan “Protect the Skin You’re In”.
The shirts were produced by the designer Marc Jacobs for a cancer awareness campaign to aid research at New York University. Celebrities had posed almost nude for pictures that were printed on T-shirts and advertisements.

Well basically an argument broke out and the police had to be called in. With the appeal court upholding the verdict, the man will likely be deported once he completes his jail sentence and will never be allowed back into the UAE.

The shirt that caused the incident