Carmarthen, UK

According to these two Welsh locals, William Brewer and Mark Wayne, when packing for a trip to Beirut, make sure you bring money, sunscreen and knives for protection:

TWO Carmarthen men carried knives to the town’s Park Hall estate — described as being “like Beirut” — for protection, a court heard.

Brewer had a four-inch bladed kitchen knife and Wayne had a six-inch bladed knife when they were stopped by police in Park Hall.

Wayne, who turned around suddenly towards the officer, was put to the floor before his knife was recovered. When asked why he had a knife, Wayne said: “You’ve got to these days, especially going up to Park Hall.”

He then described the area as being “like Beirut”.

Their defense team is playing the crazy card to help see them cleared of any charges. I can vouch that anyone who makes a comment like that is clearly insane. Who needs knives when you can have tanks?

Safe in Beirut

Safe in Beirut -- via flickr