According to a 4am news line filed by Russia Today on their website, Lebanese are protesting cuts in fuel subsidies. You may need your map for this: protests are occurring in Karak, Tafileh, Maan, Irbid and the capital Amman.

Here’s an excerpt:

Demonstrations have taken place across Lebanon after the government announced Tuesday it will raise fuel prices, including a 53 per cent hike on cooking gas, AFP reports. The decision to lift fuel subsidies is intended to help reduce a massive government deficit, which reach 3.5 billion dinars (around US$5 billion) this year, according to Prime Minister Abdullah Nsur.

Not only are Lebanese protesting subsidy cuts, we’ve got a new prime minister and a new currency.

Here’s a screenshot as I suspect that the correction should be made soon:

Russia Today News Line - Mistakes Lebanese for Jordanian

Russia Today News Line – Mistakes Lebanese for Jordanian

There are other great online news bloopers I’ve come across including the infamous CNN reporting Libyan events from Tripoli in Lebanon. Others can be found at the bottom of this post.

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