Business students at the University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada had a chance to hear which country they should invest their income-to-be. The promising locations were Latvia, El Salvador and Lebanon:

Margers Krams of Latvia, Rafael Alfaro of El Salvador and Massoud Maalouf of Lebanon were in Windsor as part of the sixth annual Ambassador Tour arranged by the Christian Embassy, a non-profit interdenominational agency.

…the three ambassadors pitched their respective countries to students as if they were courting multimillion-dollar investors.

Let me guess, the Lebanese ambassador focused on Lebanon’s strategic location and its booming tourism?

“Lebanon is the gateway to the Middle East,” boasted Maalouf, pointing out his native country’s strategic location, high number of universities and even tourism potential.

How original! Now its only fair to inform these young investors that Lebanon also is politically unstable, bombs and grenades go off practically every other day with no one the wiser, corruption and bribery are the only ways to get things done, and let’s not forget a crumbling infrastructure.

If you really want to flush money down the toilet, I recommend the Lebanon Cedar Island project.