Liverpool, UK

A letter of complaint from Mr. T Dean of Everton:

AFTER reading the comments in the ECHO on Sept 8 by Mr J L Davies of Grassendale about the large advertisement on the side of Burger King alongside the listed Lyceum Building. I was surprised at how quickly the planning office and the council dealt with it, as there were no fitting and fixtures attached to this building.

The advert was attached to Burger King’s own building, yet when local residents have disputes over mobile phone masts being erected to buildings around the city, they seem afraid to challenge these big businesses.

And here comes the Beirut jab:

For example, the Stanley Pub in Walton Breck Road, Anfield is over 100 years old with two statues of gargoyles on top and four old-fashioned stack chimneys, three of which they intend to attach these masts to.

This will take the whole character away from the building. It already has shutters on all of the windows, which when passing on the bus makes it look like Beirut.

I must say that I’m kind of lost with what exactly the complainer is complaining about. I have one single complaint and that’s the “looks like Beirut” phrase.