Just yesterday it was reported that Lebanese in Sierra Leone are lobbying to become citizens of the west African country. However today, Samir Hassanyeh, who is (apparently) the president of the Lebanese community in Sierre Leone has denied the claims and has gone far enough to denounce Nasser Ayoub:

President Hassanyeh said Ayoub Nasser is not a Lebanese [he’s Palestinian] and therefore has no right to speak on behalf of the Lebanese community in Sierra Leone. “As the President of the Lebanese Community in Sierra Leone, I am the only authorized person to speak on behalf of that community and no one else,” he impressed.  He said on that note and on behalf of the Lebanese community, he was using that forum to let all Sierra Leoneans and Lebanese Nationals know that Ayoub Nasser is not part of them and will never speak on their behalf on any occasion. He said no one was urging the President or any other Sierra Leonean to fast track their citizenship as Sierra Leoneans as falsely claimed by Ayoub Nasser, nor is any Lebanese national planning to go on hunger strike in that regard.

Sierra Leoneans are fearful of Lebanese taking political control if they were to gain citizenship, but it seems Lebanese have their own political problems to tackle.