Interesting news from the Philippines concerning the International Basketball Federation Championships (2009 FIBA):

Don’t count Lebanon out among the teams to contend with in the coming 2009 FIBA-Asia men’s basketball championship in Tianjin, China.

The Lebanese national squad officially naturalized former NBA draftee Jackson Vroman and is expected to suit up for the team in the August 6 to 16 meet.

Really? Is that what we are doing? Handing our Passports to guys who can dunk while our own sisters who marry Non-Lebanese are prohibited from passing on their nationality to their children? Did you also know that there is a loop-hole in that discriminatory law. For a Lebanese women to marry a non-Lebanese and have their children obtain her nationality, she will need to:

  1. Marry outside of Lebanon.
  2. NOT register the marriage at the Lebanese Embassy.
  3. Take her children to the Lebanese Embassy and register them as illegitimate children (i.e. born out of wedlock).

BAM! Children are officially considered Lebanese. But apparently, all one really needs is a husband that can play basketball.