…I mean Lebanese cuisine:

"Could I get some lesbian food?"

Classic Cyanide and Happiness: Lebanese

Priceless! Just like Salma Hayek’s interview with a British journalist in 2008 [YouTube Video]:

Eamonn Holmes was left red-faced today after wrongly announcing Hollywood actress Salma Hayek was a lesbian on live television.


After introducing the film star, Holmes commented on her surname – which she inherited from her father Sami Hayek, who is Lebanese.

He said: ‘Hayek doesn’t sound very Mexican.’

As Hayek tried to explain that she was half Lebanese, Holmes put his foot in it when he asked: ‘You’re a lesbian?’


Fortunately, she saw the funny side and smiled politely before learning foward and saying ‘Lebanese’ slowly enough for Holmes to understand.

A sheepish Holmes replied: ‘Oh sorry, i thought you were half lesbian. Forgive me.

And then there’s the ultimate classic from the Golden Girls:

But I’ll leave you with a news report from Fox News at the start of the July War. Cue Israel’s bombing of lesbians: