It appears that a single 15-year old teen can turn a simple street (Brokesby Road, Bonymaen) in the UK to Beirut all on his own:

Residents living in the same Bonymaen street as Callum Trick said the antics of the 15-year-old over the past year had been “hell”.
A number of residents in the street have now spoken out about the behaviour of the teen, who is just the fourth youth to receive an Asbo [Anti-social Behaviour Order] in the Swansea area since the orders were first introduced in 1998.
“Hopefully, this will be the start of the end of all the trouble.
“There was one night here in particular which was a nightmare.
“Trick and others broke into three gardens, burned one car and smashed another one. It was like Beirut.

With no author or name of the person behind the comment, I’ll just have to let this one pass without a Looks Like Beirut certificate.

I don’t even know where to begin with this story. The 15-year old is a menace, so what? I don’t understand where the hell this Beirut connection comes in. You’d think that Brits would be able to come up with better analogies.