The Lebanese Ministry of Health has decided to abandon its H1N1 tally:

Keeping a count ‘is useless and it is very expensive to test 3 million people for A(H1N1), especially since the tests will not prevent the virus from spreading,’ Mohammad Jawad Khalifeh, minister of health said.

So basically instead of providing the public with up-to-date information on the virus in Lebanon, just go on with your lives. Why trouble yourself with a worry that the person sitting next to you might be infected with the virus? I mean, early testing and early prevention is for retards. Its best we just stick our heads into ground and hope for the best.

Medical students at AUB seem to suggest the main issue with Lebanon’s Swine Flu Management is communication:

Student Akl Fahed, presenting the group’s recent study, said: “We cannot say whether we are prepared or not, but we can say where the gaps are and obviously there are gaps; mainly in communication at the lower levels, the people who need to relay information to the people who need to know.”

The issue is that pharmacists are giving Tamiflu without prescriptions and many doctors are sending anyone with a slight cough to government hospitals to get tested for H1N1. In effect, poor communication with the front-line medical community on what to look for and what to do.
And now the Ministry has decided to reduce communication with the community at large?!?