Casino du Liban’s only competitor has been forced to close its doors:

Syria’s only gambling casino was shut down by the authorities just over three months after it opened, sources within the business said on Wednesday, dpa reported.

“It is not known whether this is a permanent closure or a temporary move to appease extremist Islamist groups who have been calling for the casino’s closure for months,” casino sources, told the German Press Agency dpa on condition of anonymity.

According to MEED magazine (15-21 April 2011), the decision was taken as part of Bashar Al-Assad’s basket of reform concessions to the protesters:

A day before his speech to parliament, Al-Assad’s cabinet resigned, although given that power remains firmly in the hands of the president, it was little more than a gesture. More notably, in a nod to conservatives, the country’s only casino has been closed and teachers are again allowed to wear the full veil in classrooms. Kurds in the east will also be able to apply for Syrian citizenship and a wage increase has been promised for public sector workers.

I guess the idea that Casino Damascus could potentially poach Casino du Liban’s customers was nothing more than wishful thinking.

From DP News: Syria's First Casino

From DP News: Syria's First Casino