Alright, first you need to watch this video:

OK, a street fight, right? Nothing unusual in the US. It happens but some blogger (Holger Awakens) decides to create the shock-and-awe affect (which is no surprise since Holger is a neo-con) with the following teaser title:

Tehran? Beirut? Nope….It’s Just Santa Monica

Tehran? Beirut? I wonder if he/she knows where those two cities are on a map. Personally, I think a better title would have been: New York? Miami? Nope….It’s Just Any Other Evening in the US. I mean where else other than the US do you find people grab their video camera and take photos of a fight instead of stepping in to halt it or at least call the police?

Unfortunately with a pseudo-name I will not be able to send him a LLB Certificate but I’m pretty sure he will get the picture soon enough.