A follow-up on the previous post, I emailed the author of the article, Paul Millar, following antissa’s suggestion and here is a copy of the email I sent to him:

Dear Paul,

Thank you for shedding light on what “downtown Beirut” looks like – we Lebanese bloggers have found your latest article very fascinating. So much so that I’ve decided to (snail) mail youa “Looks Like Beirut” Certificate for your hard-work and dedication in keeping the out-dated cliche “looks like Beirut” alive. I understand that the phrase was used by Andrew Anonymous but the fact that you had to title your report with it speaks magnitudes to your dedication to the phrase.

I would appreciate it if you can also pass on Andrew’s certificate to him as well since he decided to remain in the shadows. In the event you are interested to see what downtown Beirut currently looks like, I have some photos available on my blog.

You should receive both certificates by mail soon.

And here’s his response:

Hi, as I said to your friend, reporters do not put headlines on stories. Hope this clarifies your misunderstanding.

Is it me or is there some type of disconnect between my email and his response? Paul, I apologize that I failed to read your job description, I should have known that you do not do titles – I mean they need to be handled by more responsible people I guess. Nevertheless, the certificates have been sent out though I expect you to shred them as soon as they land on your desk.