Neighborhood leaders in Goole, a small town in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England, are hoping the demolition orders issued will transform the area from its current Beirut-like state:

The leader of East Riding Council, Stephen Parnaby, was on hand yesterday to see demolition beginning of 117 homes in Phoenix Street and Richard Cooper Street, Goole, to make way for 59 new homes.

Well so far it sounds like Beirut – out with the old, in with the new – but of course the comparison is not down to that:

Ward councillor Pat O’Neil said the area has been left looking like Beirut, adding: “It can’t be anything but an improvement for Goole.

“It has been dreadful, not just unsightly but quite dangerous – although barriers have been up for some young people it’s a challenge. As recently as three weeks ago there have been homeless migrant workers living down there, who just won’t accept help.”

Well Pat, your certificate is on its way.