Thanks to @ArabBrands for highlighting this. Head over to to play “Where is Beirut located on the map? Find Beirut now!” game:

It is out of question that we added this Lebanon top spot in our geography quiz. Before starting your trip to Beirut, make sure you know some facts about Beirut or at least Lebanon. You will find nice hotels and restaurants there. So when do you start? Beirut is in Lebanon – but where exactly? Rather in the centre or in the west? Surely you already have heard about Beirut in the news. Can you imagine, how near or far away that is?

Statement of the Year: “Surely you already have heard about Beirut in the news”. The page continues with a list of ‘sightseeing highlights’ in Beirut which reads like a Wikipedia disambiguation page:

Did you know about these Beirut sightseeing highlights? Just try them when visiting Beirut: Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport, Beirut (band), Beirut Central District, Beirut Municipal Stadium, Beirut International Exhibition & Leisure Center, Beirut Arab University, Beirut Governorate, Beirut Summit, Beirut barracks bombing

Let’s clear a few things, the band Beirut has no connection whatsoever with Beirut or even Lebanon for that matter. And what the hell is Beirut Summit and Beirut barracks bombing doing on a sightseeing list? They are events that occurred and nothing more – there is no sight to see.

The Map Game - Beirut

The Map Game - Beirut