North East Lincolnshire, UK

Trouble is brewing on the streets of Cleethorpes with partying youths causing havoc and leaving behind utter devastation:

THE bad behaviour of youths in a Cleethorpes street has forced one family from their home and turned the lives of others into a nightmare, it has been claimed.¬†Residents were terrified after a night of disturbances in which windows were smashed at two properties and another resident’s car had its windscreen shattered.


[Virgilio “Gino” Tedde] said: “Thursday night was the worst. This street is like Beirut and is beyond control. It is a street of outlaws.”

Compare this to a letter sent by a reader of the New York Times:

I have just returned after spending two weeks in Beirut visiting family, and it was a fascinating and exhilarating visit to a city that is an oasis in the storms sweeping the Middle East and North Africa. I walked about the city daily, and felt safer (except for the traffic!) than I would in many American cities.

So which is it? A city beyond control or an oasis in a storm? My money is on the fact that Gino has never been to Beirut and therefore is a prime candidate for the Looks Like Beirut certificate.

Corniche by Luciana.Luciana -- via flickr

Corniche by Luciana.Luciana -- via flickr