Thanks to Mustapha and Olivia Alabaster for the link to a blog post by T.L. Davis, “the editor of Tea Party News Central and author of The Constitutionalist“. In the post titled “Waiting for Beirut“, Davis complains about a number of issues and relates them (somehow) to Beirut. First up, the US Social Security program:

Back then [Social Security] worked and became ingrained in society, but now when the numbers have turned against it and it no longer works, it cannot be eliminated. And, that’s how we get to Beirut.

And I thought you would get to Beirut by plane. Hmm, what do I know.
Next, the US constitution:

…it is not a question of whether we fight to save the Constitution for its own sake, or ours, or not. It is a question of what do we do when this nation has been turned into Beirut?

According to Davis, the US will also become the capital of Lebanon (Detroit is already the Arab capital of the US, we might as well take over the rest of the country).
And finally. he concludes:

It might take it another year or two before it all comes unwound, but unwound it will come. Until then, we are all just waiting for Beirut.

My sarcastic comments aside, clearly Davis is frustrated with the current US political system but there is no reason to drag Beirut into the mud. So while Davis is waiting, he can enjoy his “Looks Like Beirut” certificate.

Update – October 6, 2010

Davis has responded on his blog:

Apparently your sensitivity dial is set way too high. One looks for an image the mind can grasp that fits. The point being made is prior to the Civil War in Lebanon the nation(much like America, today) was an admirable, beautiful country with a cosmopolitan citizenry. Then, someone decided to start killing Phalangist Christians, an act that ultimately produced the sort of lost beauty and sophistication that I am bemoaning here. But, take offense if you must.

Lebanese From Abroad also leaves a comment on Davis’ blog. Thanks for the help!