No, its Kalamazoo, Michigan:

At times, during the 50-minute sermon to full pews, Rev. Addis Moore’s voice trumpeted to a near scream.

He had a message for those gathered Tuesday at Mt. Zion Baptist Church that needed to be heard — there was no reason for Tiffany Renee Ayers to die.

“Let me say on the outset that sister Tiffany died too young,” Moore said. “A mother ought not have a child that is shot to death. Children ought not have a mom that’s killed on the street. … This is not Beirut. It’s not Afghanistan. It’s not Libya. It’s not Iraq.”

And I have no idea where you are going with this.

Though a tragedy, it has nothing to do with Beirut and there is no comparison between the two. Rev. Moore, I’ll be mailing you your “looks like Beirut” certificate shortly.

Rev. Addis Moore's Looks Like Beirut Certificate

Rev. Addis Moore's Looks Like Beirut Certificate