From Blackpool, UK

There’s no fury like a hotelier’s rage:

ANGRY hoteliers have called on town bosses to prevent Blackpool from being taken over by slum homes.

Hundreds gathered to vent their anger at the tide of anti-social behaviour which they claim is overwhelming the resort’s holiday areas.


Colin Johnson, of The Memphis Hotel on Palatine Road, said: “We have squatters on our street. They are on drugs and living in properties in a degrading state.

“People drive round looking for hotels to stay in and they say they’re not booking in here when they can see what’s across the road. It’s like Beirut.

So apparently the streets of Beirut would turn people off? Who would want to walk down streets like this:

Scenes from Beirut

From If you thought Beirut was dangerous and ugly... ---

Colin Johnson will be receiving his “Looks Like Beirut” certificate shortly.