The Lebanese Immigrant Statue (apparently there are 12 around the world) has been defaced in a park in Australia:

A $60,000 Preston statue celebrating Lebanese immigration has been defaced with racist and sexually gratuitous graffiti. The statue, unveiled at Preston’s Ray Bramham Gardens in November, pays homage to the “thousands of Lebanese migrants that have settled in Victoria and, in particular, our Darebin community”.

Tony Yacoub, president of The World Lebanese Cultural Union Australia and New Zealand, said the graffiti was “terrible” and action was needed to stop it happening.

“(But) I don’t think it was against us, the Lebanese Australia people,” Mr Yacoub said.

“I was told by the cleaner that the garden is (graffitied) every week.”

However, according to one comment left on the article post, not everyone agrees:

The fact that people would be so close-minded and write “Lebo Dogs” is a racial attack on the lebanese people. I have seen graffiti on fences in my area with the same thing, and it shouldn’t be tolerated.

Lebanese immigrant statue defaced in 'disgusting' attack

Tony Yacoub was saddened by the attack on a Lebanese statue in Preston's Ray Bramham Gardens. Picture: ADAM ELWOOD -- via article website