Not sure what the hype about this is but according to DHL, Vivienne Westwood’s designer shoes collection will be on display in Lebanon:

DHL has been chosen as the official carrier for Vivienne Westwood’s shoe exhibition roadshow as it undertakes a two-week international tour.

The city-hopping show will visit Moscow, Beirut, Beijing, Hong Kong and Tokyo, and will feature 133 unique examples of single shoes and pairs of footwear spanning five decades of the designer’s career, with the world courier being in charge of transporting all of them safely between each location.

The excerpt is taken from a DHL press release, however I couldn’t find any info on who is organizing the event in Beirut, let alone when and where. According to the same release, the exhibition is currently in Moscow till April 22, so most likely, Beirut will be next.

Vivienne Westwood

From Wikipedia: Vivienne Westwood