I just couldn’t help myself and had to comment on Paris Hilton’s experience in Beirut. Of course someone of her calbre had her own VVIP section at the Forum de Beyrouth, but the organizers forgot one thing:

A VVIP area she may have had. A VVIP toilet she didn’t, which made a bathroom run nothing short of a mission. They say girls go in pairs. Paris went with a pack.
An entourage of about eight were escorted to the bathroom (which was emptied of "normal" people first) while muscled security guards created two human walls, forming a corridor allowing her to get to the door.

What I would have paid to see that! Well, actually not as much as people actually paid to be there:

People paying up to $150 (Dh550.50) a ticket were expecting American Boy singer Estelle but were informed on the night the London-born songstress was unable to attend due to "political and security" issues.

Could this be a Gad Elmaleh scenario all over again? Is Estelle a former member of the Shin Bet?

Of course, the party was saved from beyond the grave:

It was Michael Jackson who really stole the show as the crowd was treated to a musical medley of songs from every album he created. Looking up at the stars as hit after hit began and people screamed for their favourites, from Keep it in the Closet to Thriller, the night was given a new lease of life.

No Estelle, Paris on her platform (when she wasn’t on the bathroom run), leaving it to Jackson who once again saved the day.