HOLD THE PRESS! There is a building out there in the world that is “worse than Beirut“:

Riddled with graffiti and debris, infested with rats and snakes, ravaged by theft and vandalism, Marina Cove had become an eyesore and a danger zone in the past few years.

[Memphis Police Director Larry] Godwin who called the property “third world,” said it was worse than Beirut,

Larry, Larry, Larry. That was a low one. Though I have to give him credit as he does offer some solace:

…although [Larry] said he didn’t want to offend Beirut.

I’m actually torn on whether you should get a “Looks Like Beirut” Certificate. Technically you did mention Beirut twice when referring to a condemned building, though you did try to sugar coat it.

Marina Cove - Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Marina Cove - Memphis, Tennessee, USA