Renovation Work Leaves Lanarkshire Homes Looking Like Beirut

It was only last week when the assistant mayor of Paris claimed that Frigide Barjot’s former apartment “looks like Beirut” thanks to incomplete renovation work. France’s neighbors to the north could allow that article to pass without their own Beirut-like renovation failures. Like a War Zone THE General Election has […]

National Museum of Beirut - Post repair from civil war damage.

Tall apartment buildings in Al-Hamra district in Northwest Beirut, Oct 2012

Frigide Barjot’s Old Apartment: C’était Beyrouth

I received the following message from Fabien Fares through the site’s contact form: i’m contacting you because the expression “c’était beyrouth” was used in an article in metronews—>  to describe an ugly apartment Here is the excerpt from the article on Frigide Barjot’s apartment: “L’appartement a été laissé en […]

Radio Prank: Lebanese mom threatens daughter on air

Apparently this has been online for at least a year, I only heard it recently. An US morning radio show (Mojo in the Morning on Channel 955 radio in Detroit, Michigan) was looking for contestants to tell their mom five lies (chosen by the station) to win a dinner for […]

Unrolled joint


Moving Forward

You’ve probably noticed that things have been quiet on the site over the past couple of months. The reason had been the a mixture of life changes and blogging mind-block; what has made this blog standout was the Looks Like Beirut Certificate. In case you are unaware, I mail by […]

Gender Inequality Brings Beirut Comparison

I never expected to come across “looks like Beirut” when it came to a discussion on gender inequality and discrimination! I must say this is one of the most unusual use of the phrase that I have seen. Maureen Rush is among the first female police officers to patrol the […]

Lebanese policewomen stand guard at the entrance to the office of the Anadolu Agency in Beirut, Lebanon.

Anti- anti-social behavior: Squeeze your own orange juice on sale in the streets of Beirut

UK MP: Birkenhead’s Anti-Social Behavior compares to Beirut

British MP Frank Field is fed up with anti-social behavior plaguing his constituents in the coastal town of Birkenhead. “I’ve never been so sick with worry as I am now in that, all the different agencies which have budgets to counter anti-social behavior and worse – because there’s lots of […]