Lebanese policewomen stand guard at the entrance to the office of the Anadolu Agency in Beirut, Lebanon.
I never expected to come across “looks like Beirut” when it came to a discussion on gender inequality and discrimination! I must say this is one of the most unusual use of the phrase that I have seen. Maureen Rush is among the first female police officers to patrol the […]

Gender Inequality Brings Beirut Comparison

Anti- anti-social behavior: Squeeze your own orange juice on sale in the streets of Beirut
British MP Frank Field is fed up with anti-social behavior plaguing his constituents in the coastal town of Birkenhead. “I’ve never been so sick with worry as I am now in that, all the different agencies which have budgets to counter anti-social behavior and worse – because there’s lots of […]

UK MP: Birkenhead’s Anti-Social Behavior compares to Beirut

The Mediterranean (view from Beirut, Lebanon)
Thanks to Wisam for bring this to my attention. Let’s head over to Cork, Ireland where 76-year-old, Maurice Phelan, has a problem. Here is a photo of him with the problem visible. Can you see it (he does look quite grumpy, doesn’t he)? It’s the footpath. Large portions of the […]

Maurice Phelan: “You’d think we were living in Beirut”

The Lebanese community in Ghana has offered scholarships to 13 children who lost a parent during peacekeeping operations in southern Lebanon. Addressing the ceremony, the Lebanese Ambassador to Ghana, Mr Ali H. Halabi, said the significance of the presentation was to honor the sacrifices of the Ghanaian Army and its brave […]

Lebanese Expats Give Back to Ghanaian Peacekeepers

Downtown Beirut by Ahmad Hashim via Flickr
Taken on October 14, 2011
It must be a slow news day at the Scunthorpe Telegraph as a conversation with a visitor on the state of the town center has developed into a 100-word “news article” complete with a Beirut punch: A visitor to Scunthorpe town centre was shocked by the amount of litter. Phil […]

Garbage-Strewn Scunthorpe Reminds Visitor of Downtown Beirut

Screenshot of International Herald Tribune article 1964: Beirut is Travel Hub of the Middle East
The International Herald Tribune has published online an article from its archive titled, Beirut is Travel Hub of the Middle East. The article appeared in its papers back in 1964! Beirut, its capital, is the seething communications hub of the Middle East, where planes from every point on the globe […]

International Herald Tribune Displays 1964 Beirut Article