A Positive Looks Like Beirut

I’ve got an unusual “looks like Beirut” comment in that it’s quite a positive comment on the city. It’s actually a letter to the editor of the New York Times written by Frank Richter in response to an article they ran titled, “Is Motown Getting Its Groove Back?”.

The article mentions how the US city of Detroit is picking up after its devastating economic collapse with a large inflow of entrepreneurs setting up shop within the city. Here is Frank’s response to the article:

Like Beirut, Belfast, Berlin and other world-class cities, Detroit has been rising from the ashes. And like those three once-divided cities, Detroit had its decades-long divisions, both racial and economic. But the wars are over. Americans now have a black president, and Detroit has a new white mayor.

The world has changed, and so has Detroit.

So we’ve got Beirut, Belfast and Berlin on the same level as world-class cities rising from the ashes. We’ve got once-divided but no longer and once at war but no longer and finally leaving us with the all-encompassing statement, “the world has changed”.

Couldn’t have put it better myself!

Night in Beirut

Night in Beirut
By essbuenaventura
via flickr

Looks Like Beirut on Google Maps

Although a positive comment, I thought it would be worthy of appearing on the Looks Like Beirut Mapped on Google Maps.

Looks Like Beirut on Google Maps

Looks Like Beirut on Google Maps

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