As Leo Burnett Beirut’s achievements are awarded by the UN Women Empowerment Campaign, another Beirut-based ad agency, Publimatt, is busted for flagrant plagiarism for their recent Hawa Chicken ad:

When Jean-Remy von Matt, founder of respected German ad agency Jung von Matt, discovered that one of his TV commercials had been comprehensively ripped off by a Lebanese agency, he reacted with typical German composure.[…]

Publimatt’s ad for Hawa chicken in Lebanon was busted as a piece of plagiarism by French copycat hunter Joe La Pompe at the end of last month, but Jung von Matt only found out later. The Hawa ad is virtually identical to its Migros counterpart, right down to the music – Migros, The Chicken Song – which was composed by Massive Amsterdam especially for the Migros spot.

Hawa Chicken should ask for their money back (unless they are also in the same chicken coop with Publimatt). Here’s the compelling video (French):