Vancouver, Canada

Shots were fired at Vancouver’s SkyTrain last week magically transporting the passenger-packed train from Canada’s Pacific coast all the way to the Lebanese capital:

One witness from the train told The Province he was dozing and listening to music on his headphones when the train abruptly stopped, at about 3:30 p.m.

He said he snapped awake and saw about 20 fellow passengers in a state of panic.

A window was completely shattered with what appeared to be two bullets trapped inside the protective glass. No one inside the train was hurt, he said.

“I looked closely and I saw two, metal, round small-calibre bullets,” said the man, who did not want his name published. It was shocking; I thought this isn’t possible. Everyone was on their phones and saying ‘those are bullets.’ I thought this is like Beirut or something.”

We may have our celebratory gunfire every now and then but I can honestly think of 10 cities off the top of my head where the sound of shots fired is a common as wind rustling through the trees.

The platform at Metrotown Station in Burnaby

The platform at Metrotown Station in Burnaby where gunshots hit a train as it approached the station -- via Wikipedia