From Glasgow, to Tiverton, to across the ocean in Ohio, roads everywhere are looking like Beirut. We now have an addition to the list with Alness:

ROADS in a pothole-plagued Easter Ross estate have been compared to “war-torn Beirut” by a fed-up local whose complaints have “fallen on deaf ears”.

Alness man Allan Mcleod, a rigger who lives in the town’s Firhill, said he spoke for many across Ross-shire, in sending out an SoS over the state of the roads.


He warns of surging compensation claims when roads break up in cold weather and said: “Highland Council needs to get to grips with it. In my view, some roads are no better than some third world countries or war-torn Beirut.”

Well Allan, I’ve got a Looks Like Beirut Certificate with your name on it. Just send me your mailing address and I’ll have it sent over.

Hamra, Beirut

Hamra, Beirut – Beirut, Lebanon
Taken by Lolinka via flickr

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