Having attended Sagesse High School, I witnessed first-hand discrimination kids inflict on one another. Even in what was largely a (sort of) diversified group of students, mostly returning Lebanese expats, discrimination was ripe. Mockery and disassociation was the name of the game. I remember the Indian Ambassador’s children attended the school and their classmates made their lives a living hell.

The reason I bring this up is two articles that I came across.

Karim Ahmad,

the 11-year-old boy from Lebanon whose fingers have been eaten away by a rare skin disease,

is getting treatment in the US and is able to go to school, something he could not do in Lebanon.

Home in Lebanon for the Syrian boy is one of isolation and rejection due to his skin disease.

Unable to go to school in his country because his needs cannot be accommodated, and because of fears that the children will be traumatized by his appearance, America’s practice of “inclusion” and education for all children, is Karim’s joy.

Oh sure, we wouldn’t want to traumatize his fellow classmates with the facts of life. Not everyone is born the same and there are some people who endure disabilities and hardships in life; the last thing anyone needs is some obnoxious, nose-in-the-air brat to mention the obvious.

Apparently though, some strides are being made:

A series of children’s books launched in Lebanon to coincide with Labor Day aims to sensitize the population to the estimated 200,000 foreign domestic workers often ignored and even abused in the country.

The Arabic-language series, “Mimi and her Magic Globe,” takes young readers on a journey to the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Ethiopia, home to most of the foreign laborers employed in Lebanon.

So it seems distorting discrimination starts with saying “thank you” to your maid. Unfortunately though, these things are not taught to our youths by our schools or even their own parents. Once again, the nation’s education fails to properly educate and parents fail to teach their children anything useful, except for why March 8/March 14 are bastards.