It was quite an eventful weekend: I turned 30 on the 27th, this blog turned 4 on the 26th, and columnist Angus Young of the Hull Daily Mail acknowledges receiving a “Looks Like Beirut” certificate on the 25th:

I was delighted to open a large brown envelope addressed to me which arrived in the office adorned with an impressive array of colorful stamps from the United Arab Emirates. Inside was a glossy certificate that now takes pride of place on my desk. My personal “Looks Like Beirut” Award was sent to me “on behalf of the entire Lebanese blogging population in recognition of the work done to keep the overused, worn-out tired cliché ‘looks like Beirut’ alive”.

I had sent the certificate in response to this article: Hull’s Beirut Appears Again Despite Certificate

Do read the entire column as it’s quite amusing. In a nutshell, although I believe Angus will most likely not use the phrase “looks like Beirut” again, he is also unlikely to visit the city while neighboring Syria smolders.


Angus Young and the Looks Like Beirut Certificate

Delivered: Angus Young and his Looks Like Beirut Certificate