I would have never in a million years expected to find a “looks like Beirut” reference on a website dedicated to children and mothers. A mother that goes by the username Vickytoria28 on the BabyCentre.co.uk’s discussion board has opened this thread:

Good god its like beirut in my lounge!!!!

And here’s her photo:

Good god its like beirut in my lounge!!!! *pic*

Vickytoria28 asks: an u tell i have a baby?! 😀 xxx

Vickytoria28 asks if you can locate her baby within the “mess”. Ten comments later, the answers are surprisingly along the lines of “my room is much worse” and “you haven’t seen anything yet”. One other user also decided to upload a snapshot of her Beirut-like room as well:

Same here!!

Mandi1stBubba comments: Same here!!

I’m quite speechless – if these new moms think that these rooms are such a mess, wait till their children become teens. And of course, I completely fail to understand the comparison to Beirut. People, you make no sense.